Edd’s Portfolio: v 1.2

Welcome to my online portfolio! Whether you’re here because you want a glimpse into my creative past and present, you’re considering whether to hire me into a lucrative position in your company and pay me many thousands of dollars, or you’re stalking me online and want to see what makes me tick…WELCOME!

Please use the handy tabs above to have a gander into the various facets of my creative past, or use the SEARCH feature to the left to have a stab at one of the many tags I use here. Or just wander around aimlessly, like me at the Home Depot on a Saturday morning. It’s all good!

Hemophilia Animations

I created, wrote, and published (online) a series of informational cartoons for HF Healthcare dealing with a variety of issues that involve Hemophilia, using the cheesiest, simplest online creation system available. Yay for me. Did I mention how much I love cheese?

Sisters of Mercy Comic

I worked with Rikki Rockett, the drummer for Poison, on a series of comic books he wrote and published. For the series called Sisters of Mercy, I scanned in all the artwork, prepped it for coloring (Rikki did almost all the color work!), and did all the lettering and sound effects. In fact, I created several typefaces specifically for his projects.

This is issue #3 in its entirety.

Angel Illustration

Back when I was pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Digital Education and Technology (with a concentration in Art), I worked on a series of illustrations involving Angels. And while I don’t consider myself a master illustrator, I can hit the mark when I have to.

This is one of those pieces where I hit the mark.

Boys and the things they do

Being a parent, I shoot a lot of pictures of my boys. And sometimes I get something besides snapshots. These are some examples.

Topa Tower: Day/Night

I did a photography study of day versus night lighting, and chose Oxnard’s iconic Topa Tower as the subject: specifically, the fountains in front of the lobby. While the day shot is fairly straight forward, with some forced cropping, the night shot ended up more abstract and ethereal.

Now I just imagine what I could do with real lighting!

HF Healthcare Promotional Video

I love animation and motion graphics. And I love music. And I rarely have the time to do much with any of these things.

This is a video piece I created to run in the background at tradeshow booths and informational days; mostly just a little eye and ear candy to bring a few interested people to our sales staff.

I created all the animation, wrote the factoids (for the English version), and produced the music for this piece.

Sight and Sound Design Corporate Identity

In starting a home-based design company, I still wanted to retain a professional and complete look. This is the identity I created for this version of my professional life.

HF Healthcare: Corporate Identity v.2

After two and a half years as Art Director of HF Healthcare, I took a long, hard look at our corporate identity and decided we needed a freshening up. The original logo and identity, while very solid and trustworthy, also came across a little too “corporate” and didn’t reflect the lighter side of the company, the fun and educational side.

I opted to add a little color and then design in more white space, to give designs based on this logo room to breathe on the page. We have had very strong positive feedback on the new look.

HF Healthcare: Corporate Identity v.1

When I was first hired as the Art Director of this Oxnard-area healthcare company, one of my first tasks was to create a corporate identity. While this is a locally-owned small company, our image to world needed to make us look much larger and national.

This is the logo and overall identity we agreed upon.